SunBrella™ in action:

  • Sean P.

    AZ summer is BRUTAL on sun shades. And my once solid OEM sun shade from Mercedes benz is about as sturdy as tissue paper. This sunbrella shade is rigid in all the right places and will fill your entire windshield. Easy storage and much more compact than any sun shade ive ever used. We now have one for every car in the house.

  • Jackson L.

    This is the 3rd one I have purchased in the last 6 months. First one was a gift for my son, then one for me, and now I got one for my sister. These are so much better than other window shades. Easy to pop open, easy to close. Keeps the car cooler and prevents sun damage on the dash. I'll be getting another one soon, as a back up for my own car.

  • Alex H.

    I bought it for my work truck and it's been an awesome purchase. Easy to pop up and put up, easy to put away and easy to store. Does it's purpose on keeping the truck from getting blasted by the sun.

  • Peter M.

    I love this, it opens and closes like an umbrella and I can put it in without any hassle. Fits in the cup holder in my door (who puts a cup in there anyway) 🤣 It's 10 out of 10 for sure! Recommended!

  • Alessa W.

    Sunbrella was exactly what I was looking for. The stiff silver shades would leave small silver fibers all over the black dashboard. The twist and fold fabric shades would never fold back up right. This umbrella style fabric shade is easy to use, fits perfectly, and doesn’t leave fibers all over. Just be gentle when opening and closing, does not require force to operate. Very satisfied with Sunbrella!

  • Juliet M.

    I couldn’t find anything to cover my 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee windshield. This works! It’s easy and stores well. It just fits so well w/o aide. So dope. Ppl think it was actually OEM made for my car.